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  • What is GreenTrait?
    GreenTrait is a professional web based software platform which offers healthcare providers tools that analyzes cannabis and medication relationships in real time, and react to changes instantly. These tools compliment the provider's digital workspace, allowing deep analysis of potential side effects and non-efficacy of current and future medications and their relationship with cannabis. GreenTrait offers effective, real time guidance that leads to better patient care.
  • How can I use GreenTrait for myself?
    GreenTrait can only be used by a qualified healthcare provider. Contact GreenTrait for guidance, or to be put in touch with a participating healthcare provider near you.
  • How do I provide GreenTrait to my facility?
    Sign up options will be available soon. Or contact GreenTrait directly to learn more about onboarding options and enterprise solutions.
  • How do I use the GreenTrait web app?
    GreenTrait is intended to used by a qualified medical professional. Medical professionals and GreenTrait affiliated representatives may reach out to the GreenTrait team directly for more help.
  • What can I do if I'm having technical difficulties with the GreenTrait App or trouble logging in?
    Please contact the GreenTrait team directly.
  • Where can I view GreenTrait's legal policies, including the app's EULA?
    Visit GreenTrait's legal information page here.
  • How can I get more help?
    Contact the GreenTrait team directly.
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